Lord’s League


  • Green, Blue, Pink, and Gold EXP eggs
  • Mutagen (10, 50, 100)
  • Gold
  • souls
  • Event related items (these are only available at times during specific events as stated in game)

Lord’s League is fought is a similar manner as Resource Raids. Up to 5 of your heroes and their mercenaries will battle against another player’s base with up to 5 heroes and a Guild Bot. You may use up to 4 spells during the battle. If another player is attacking you in their Lord’s League you will not know of it until the battle is complete. It will then show under the messages list under “Lord’s Def”.

When you search for an opponents in Lord’s League you will be given a list of 6 players that are within a certain range of your current trophy level. You may choose to battle any of the 6 players or you can refresh the list (at a cost of 10 jewels) and get different players to choose from. You have 10 chances for battle each 24 hour period. This resets at 00:00 game time. You can purchase additional chances with jewels.

Ranking and Matchups Edit
Your ranking in Lord’s League is determined by Trophies. You will win a certain number of trophies by winning a battle (be it offensive or defensive). You need at least 1 star to in a battle to be marked victorious and win any trophies. One Battle Star will be awarded for each of the following accomplishments:

Destroy 50% of the opponent’s buildings
Destroy the opponent’s Town Hall
Destroy 100% of the opponent’s buildings
The more stars you earn the more trophies you will be rewarded.

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