Hero Talents, also known as Passive Skills, are additional bonus that can be unlocked to further strengthen your Heroes.

Hero Talents become available at Hero level 10 and each hero can have up to 3 talents. Each talent costs 300 jewels to activate and the hero will gain a random talent at random level each time you do so.


Unlocked talents can be refreshed (re-rolled) to another talent. Each unlocked talent slot comes with a talent roulette of 8 different random talents at random level which can be accessed by clicking the Refresh button under the talent. To change the current talent you have two options.

Light One Up

The first option in the Talent Refresh window that we will talk about is Light one up whereby the game will randomly select one of the 8 talents on the talent wheel. Don’t fret though, the game will not automatically use the newly rolled talent in case it is less preferable to the talent you currently have selected, to equip the talent you must click on the lit up talent you wish to use and click the ‘use talents’ button. The cost of the first Light one up is 200 Jewels, and it gets progressively more expensive with each re-roll however the previously lit up talents will stay that way so there is a maximum of 8 re-rolls before the whole wheel is lit up.

This appears to be very rigged, whereby whatever max talents are on the wheel will usually only end up getting lit up in one of the final rolls. So expect to spend around 3,500 or even 4,800 jewels.

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