Epic Heroes Skill

Flying Heroes

Image Hero
Arcane Caster -Aggressive hero Leech HP from the nearest enemy Hero for 8 seconds. Total HP leeched is equal to 90% (up to 460%) of own ATK, with a 40% (up to 95%) chance of stealing random buffs from target and transferring all negative statuses to target. The stolen buffs and transferred statuses will have their durations reset. Lowest Rage cost 1.5 @ Lvl 18
-Enchantress -Healing Hero Increases all friendly Heroes ATK by 10% for 6s and shelters a friendly Hero with the lowest HP for 24s. If the Hero dies while ‘Shelter’ is active, it will revive with 10% HP after 5s. Also increases DMG RED by 25% for 6s. Costs 4 Rage.
-Sapphirix -Aggressive heroDeals (1350+66% ATK) DMG to targets. Also deals +50% DMG in Battle Royale. Costs 4 Rage.
-Hydrasaur -Healing Hero Restores (612 + 85% ATK) HP to your Heroes. Costs 4 Rage.
-Air Elite -Aggressive heroDeals (1020+ 40% ATK) DMG to multiple targets. Costs 4 Rage

Tank heroes

Image Hero
-Bullhead -Aggressive heroDeals 5% ATK DMG every second to all enemies near Bullhead for 10s, reducing their ATK Rate by 2% and increases the ATK of all your Ox Warriors by 10%. Also grants Bullhead 15% DMG RED and his normal attacks a frontal area of effect for 10s. Costs 4 Rage (3.5 Rage at Lv 5).
-Savage Chief -Defensive HeroRestores HP (1275 + 50%ATK). Also recovers 1910 HP in 5 secs and increases SPD by 20% for 5 secs. Costs 4 Rage.
-Pounder -Defensive HeroLeaps and lands on a target dealing 693 (+18% ATK) DMG to multiple enemies nearby and inflicting Stun for 2 secs. Costs 4 Rage.

Range Heroes

Image Hero
-Toxic Shaman -Aggressive hero Unleashes a noxious cloud around an enemy Hero, dealing 15% ATK DMG per second to all enemies within the cloud’s radius, reducing ATK Rate by 5% and HP Recovery by 10%. Also heals allies within the cloud’s radius for 30% ATK HP per second, increasing their CRIT Rate by 1%. Noxious Cloud lasts 10 seconds. Costs 4 rage.
-Renee Ven -Healing heroRevives most recently deceased Hero to 5% of its Max HP. Costs 5 Rage.
-Chiron -Leader-type Hero Increases Sharpshooter ATK by 10% and creates 2 clones with 30% HP and 30% ATK. Costs 4 Rage.
-Blitz Bomber -Aggressive heroFires an explosive shell. Deals (1,403 + 61% ATK) DMG to the target. Costs 4 Rage
Image Hero
-Pan goli -Aggressive hero Launches a fireball that deals 2,000 (+63% ATK) DMG, reducing HP by 101 every 0.5 secs for 8 secs. Costs 4 Rage.
-Ambrosia -Aggressive hero Deals (840 + 35% ATK) DMG to nearby targets and reduces enemy HP recovery by 25% for 6 secs. Recovers HP for all deployed Heroes equal to 136% of Ambrosia’s ATK and increases DMG by 1% for 5 secs. Costs 4 Rage.
-Rath -Leader-type HeroPossesses the furthest enemy Hero with evil spirits, dealing 5% ATK DMG to the target every second and reduces their SPD by 18% and HP recovery by 5%. Also increases target’s Active Skill cooldown and Rage cost by 10% and 5% respectively, and reduces Active Skill DMG by 50%. Possess lasts 8s. It cannot be dispelled, but can be transferred. Costs 4 Rage.
-Skull mage -Leader-type HeroIncreases ATK by 72-364 and ATK Rate by 20-60% for Hero and friendly Wizards for 15s. Costs 4 Rage.
-Glory Priestess -Healing hero Restores (612+ 85% ATK) HP to a single target. Costs 4 Rage.


Image Hero
-Wolvenfiend -Aggressive hero Changes between Human and Werewolf forms. (see Skill page for more info)
-Great Sage -Aggressive heroDashes towards 3 enemy Heroes, dealing 1377 +60% ATK AoE DMG. Locks skills of the 1 furthest among them for 10s. Costs 4 Rage
-Blockhead -Leader-type HeroIncreases ATK Rate by 6% and SPD by 20% for hero and friendly Executioners for 15 secs. Costs 4 Rage.
-Won Ton -Aggressive heroDeals (1,510 + 72% ATK) DMG to all nearby enemies (deals x2 DMG to clones). Enemy Heroes caught in the blast will be stunned for 1 seconds. All Heroes within melee range will be knocked back. All targets hit will also have their ATK Rate reduced by 5% for 8 seconds. If no Heroes or clones were hit, Won Ton’s ATK Rate will increase by 15%, his SPD by 15%, and DMG Red by 10% for 8 seconds. Costs 4 Rage (3.5 Rage at Lv 4).
-Demon Slayer -Aggressive heroStrikes, deals (1120+30% ATK) DMG (AoE) to enemies in front. Converts 7% of DMG dealt to HP. Targets take 5% more DMG, with Dodge rate lowered by 2% for 8 secs. Costs 3 Rage.
-Dark Rider -Leader-type HeroIncreases ATK by 85 and DMG Reduction by 20% for Hero and friendly Executioners for 15s. Costs 4 Rage.
Image Hero
-Arctic Lord -Aggressive heroCharges at furthest enemy Hero, dealing 1929+120% ATK DMG, and returns to start. Deals 207+15% ATK DMG to all foes in its way.
-Berserker -Leader-type HeroCharges at enemy hero with the highest HP in range. Also Taunts & stuns them for 3s. Target takes 30% more DMG and recovers 5% less HP for 6s. Deals (1,344 + 30% ATK) DMG to enemies near target. Costs 3.5 Rage. (3 Rage at Lv 3)
-Abyss Demon -Leader-type HeroWhen attacking, restores HP based on 24% DMG dealt and to allies based on 22% DMG dealt for 14 secs. Costs 4 Rage.
-Djini -Aggressive heroTeleports to enemy with the lowest HP (except Heroes in immortality status), dealing (1,204 + 70% ATK) DMG (AoE) with 20% increase in CRIT rate and 10% in CRIT DMG. Also generates a shield that takes 6,020 max DMG. Costs 4 Rage. (3.5 Rage at Lv 4)
-Landslide -Defensive HeroNearby foes will attack Landslide. Restores 10% HP. Reduces 41% and reflects 40% DMG for 10s. Reduces 35% DMG to allies for 3s. Costs 3 Rage.
Image Hero
-Carol d’Belle -Aggressive heroSummons Snowy, a mini snowman with 40% DMG Reduction, 100% of Carol d’Belle’s HP and 60% of her ATK.

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