Epic Heroes

Hello there we are goint to get all the information about the epic heroes in clash of lords 2.

  1. The first thing we want to do on this page is te gel al the links working and all de basic info about the heroes.
  2. all the image of the epic heroes

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Flying Heroes

Image Hero max HP Max ATK Merccomplete
Arcane Caster -Aggressive hero Min: 685Min: 8.420Evolutionyes
-Enchantress -Healing HeroMin: 500Min: 10.565Evolutionyes
-Sapphirix -Aggressive heroMin: 560Min: 8.805Evolution yes
Hydrasaur -Healing HeroMin: 410Min: 8.560Evolutionyes
Air Elite -Aggressive heroMin: 460Min: 8.005Evolutionyes

Tank Heroes

Image Hero max HPMax ATK Merccomplete
-Bullhead -Aggressive heroMin: 645Min: 11.880Evolutionno
-Savage Chief -Defensive HeroMin: 540Min: 9.230Evolutionyes
-Pounder -Defensive HeroMin: 540Min: 13.440Evolutionno

Range Heroes

Image HeroATKHPMerccomplete
-Toxic Shaman -Aggressive heroMin: 635 Max:Min: 10.100 MaxEvolution Enlightenmentno
-Renee Ven -Healing heroMin: 500 Max:Min: 5.615 Max:Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Chiron -Leader-type HeroMin: 570 Max:Min: 7.090Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Blitz Bomber -Aggressive heroMin: 435Min: 3.795Evolutionno
Image HeroATKHPMerccomplete
-Pan goli -Aggressive heroMin: 445 Max:Min: 5.405 Max:Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Ambrosia -Aggressive heroMin: 635Min: 8.420Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Rath -Leader-type HeroMin: 665Min: 9.595Evolutionno
-Skull mage -Leader-type HeroMin: 425Min: 4.890Evolutionno
-Glory Priestess -Healing heroMin: 375Min: 4.000Evolutionno


Image Hero ATK HP Merccomplete
-Wolvenfiend -Aggressive heroMin: 600 Max: Min: 14.265 Max:-Evolutionno
-Great Sage -Aggressive heroMin: 540Min: 10.800Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Blockhead -Leader-type HeroMin: 600Min: 12.000Evolutionno
-Won Ton -Aggressive heroMin: 590Min: 11.880Evolutionno
-Demon Slayer -Aggressive heroMin: 600Min: 9.010Evolutionno
-Dark Rider -Leader-type HeroMin: 505Min: 8.620Evolutionno
Image Hero ATK HP Merccomplete
-Arctic Lord -Aggressive heroMin: 640Min: 12.000 Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Berserker -Leader-type HeroMin: 600Min: 14.265Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Abyss Demon -Leader-type HeroMin: 690Min: 10.920Evolution Enlightenmentno
-Djini -Aggressive heroMin: 590Min: 9.504Evolutionno
-Landslide -Defensive HeroMin: 500Min: 15.850Evolutionno
Image Hero max HPMax ATK Merccomplete
-Carol d’Belle -Aggressive heroMin: 405Min: 8.560Evolutionno

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