EnhancementsEnchantments are a type of upgrade available to Epic Heroes only, and provide each hero with a unique set of enchantments that can be upgraded. Players can only upgrade these enchantment skills using Enchant Crystals, which are obtained through the Hero Trials shop.
 TalentsTalents are passive abilities for Heroes that enhance an aspect like HP, ATK or DMG. The higher the level a talent is, the stronger the effect it has. The level of a talent can’t be increased, instead the player is given the possibility to roll for a new Talent.
 SpellsSpell Edges are spells that can either be cast in battle, or passive spells to enhance your mercenaries.
 Team SkillsTeam Skills are hero-enhancing skills found in both the Hero Trials and Coliseum game modes, and can be activated at any time during a battle.
Equipmentquipment is acquired by purchasing through the forge shop, fusing of shards, and through special events.

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