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My arena team was copied from a YouTube clip.

GS (lvl187)
LS (lvl 183)
TS (lvl 187)
WT (lvl 190)
RV (lvl 190)

Strategy is simple. When you reach the oppo, use GS divine AND skill. Then TS skill and then his divine. Instantly use WT’s divine and LS’, then RV’s divine which gives you an extra divine – usually another GS or LS. Use those instantly again. Then spam TS.

I’ve beat lvl150 players either with or without multiple enlightened heroes. I’m lvl 134 and only have GS enlightened.

I call it the ‘Gepetto Effect’, as you’ll almost always make puppets from at least three of your opponents heroes. Since copying that YouTube video team I have always reached the maximum arena payout. Which is nice.]]>