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I’m only lvl 70 (4th month playing), but I have hit 3100 trophies in LL with the following:
LS-Taurus [blue+2 heart], Chiron-Pisces [blue+1 bow], GS-Pisces [green+2 hammer], AD-Enlightened lvl6 [purple+0 thunder blade], Toxic-Libra[green+1 bow].

I’m heavily skewed to having a power Abyss Demon. I’ve used EEs to push others to Pisces, and have only ever rolled 1 LS. (no Bullhead, Djinni, or Rath)

I’ve played around with a few other heroes: Amb-Pisces[blue+2 tome], WT-Libra[blue+2 tyrant], Ench-Cancer, Zerker-Leo, & Wolf-Gemini (a few more muta and wolf can Leo).

Am interested in reading what others have to chime in about regarding set ups.