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I’ve done a lot of thinking about the epic heroes in Clash of Lords II and the basis of what they do. I have come out with a system that categorizes heroes into three classes. Those classes are:

Damage, Support, Control

This class includes skills that do an extremely large amount of direct dmg or area of effect (AOE) dmg.

The support class includes skills that provide healing, buffing, or negative status clearing of allied heroes and mercenaries.

This class includes skills that debuff or apply status effects to enemy heroes.

Heroes have a major class and a minor class. The major class is their primary use and the minor being secondary and generally having a smaller effect. There are a couple exceptions to this where the major and minor are very close in strength. Also, not every hero is made even. Some are very good in their class while others not so much. The class lists below look primarily at the main skill and divine skill, with small consideration for insight and no consideration for aid skill.

Abyss Demon – SPT
Air Elite – DMG
Ambrosia – SPT / DMG
Arcane Caster – CNT / DMG
Arctic Lord – DMG
Berserker – DMG / CNT
Blitz Bomber – DMG
BlockHead – SPT
BullHead – DMG / CNT
Carol d’Belle – DMG / CNT
Chiron – DMG / SPT
Dark Rider – SPT
Demon Slayer – DMG / CNT
Djinni – DMG / CNT
Enchantress – SPT
Glory Priestess – SPT
Great Sage – CNT / DMG
Hydrasaur – SPT / CNT
Ironclad – DMG / CNT/SPT*
Landslide – CNT
Pan Goli – DMG / CNT
Pounder – DMG / CNT
Rath – CNT / DMG
Renee Ven – SPT
Sapphirix – DMG
Savage Chief – SPT / CNT **
Skull Mage – SPT
Toxic Shaman – SPT / CNT / DMG***
Wolvenfiend – Human: SPT / CNT Wolf: DMG / CNT
Won Ton – DMG / CNT

*Ironclad – His minor role is a mix between control and support. The control part is obvious with debuffs of the enemy but the support is only available through his divine by providing rage cost decrease and skill cooldown reset.

**Savage Chief is really the odd one out. His only supporting role is his divine in which he switches place with a friendly hero in order to take DMG. His divine also has a minor in control in that it taunts enemy heroes.

***Toxic Shaman: He is a jack of all trades, or should I say master of all trades. His skill provides multiple bonuses in one, healing allies, buffing allies, debuffing enemies and doing AOE DMG.

I can clarify any hero’s classification if required but most a fairly self explanatory.
The ideal lineup is dependent on the game mode.
In most cases you will want the following majors for your lineup: DMG, DMG, SPT, CNT
The final hero slot major will depend on the strengths of your heroes and your general strategy. Generally having more than two of any major will cause your lineup to suffer. Three SPT may not provide enough DMG to get the job done or may not counter enemy heroes enough. Three CNT won’t support potentially needed debuffs and may be well short on DMG. Three DMG may be countered easily by debuffs and enemy CNT.

SPT counters DMG / CNT. Healing aspect of SPT will obviously will counter DMG and removing status effects counters CNT.
CNT counters DMG / SPT. CNT counters DMG by applying stun or skill lock as well as debuffs to dmg, atk rate, etc. It can counter SPT by HP recovery reduction.
The countering of SPT over CNT or CNT over SPT depends on the timing, generally CNT will override SPT. Enchantress is the only hero that provides a full SPT override of CNT via her divine.

Any questions, please ask.