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    Hong Kong Rallies Turn Violent After Thousands Defy Face Mask Ban. The rallies were the first significant public gatherings since the ban took effect the day before, and a test of the governments resolve to stop months of protests. Saturn’s ice moon Enceladus is spouting organic compounds which may be the building blocks for life. Experts led from the Free University of Berlin analysed data collected by the Cassini spacecraft on the ice grains that are emitted from Enceladus that have formed one of Saturn’s outermost rings. Pilot Madeleine’s sensational Instagram snaps for Visit The USA. ‘Pilot Madeleine’, from Munich, has more or less shelved her pilot’s career in favour of being a travel blogger. And these images show that she was in no way delusional about her abilities. Humans ancestors evolved in a much more diverse ecosystem than the present day, new study says. A new study makes the startling claim that there is less biodiversity in our ecosystem today than there was when our human ancestors were in the process of evolving 7 million years ago. These Butterflies Evolved to Eat Poison. How Could That Have Happened? Scientists have unraveled the sequence of gene mutations that enabled the monarch butterfly to thrive on toxic milkweed. How long does it take for Children’s Zyrtec to work http://meadowlandsfc.com/3597/what-years-did-alex-trebek-host-concentration What test are done for lungs California Power Outages Fire Danger Prompts PGE to Cut Electricity. An intentional shut-off by Pacific Gas Electric, the largest utility in the state, could affect as many as 800,000 customers. Family of victim who overdosed after ‘being abused by Jeffrey Epstein’ blame him for her death. Leigh Patrick, 29, was found dead in a sleazy West Palm Beach, Florida, motel just weeks short of her 30th birthday on May 30, 2017. She claimed to have been abused by Jeffrey Epstein. New Yorkers Will Have to Wait for an East River Pool. Turns out public projects are hard to complete. For now, enjoy this light sculpture. A Glimpse at the Future Excites the Rangers. At a prospect camp this week, the team saw their recent draft strategy coming to fruition. Israelis Watch U.S. Abandon Kurds, and Worry Whos Next? President Trumps abrupt order to withdraw American troops from Syria set off alarm bells among Israeli officials who fear the United States might stop standing up for Israel. Blizzard, a Gaming Company, Stirs a Backlash for Penalizing Hong Kong Player. The company suspended the gamer and made him forfeit his prize money after he expressed support for the protest movement in Hong Kong. Britain Once Held All the Cards With Ireland. Brexit Turned the Tables. Ireland, which developed a bustling economy within the European Union, commands support from other member states as it deals with the potential effects of Brexit. Hong Kong Protests Put N.B.A. on Edge in China. A tweet from the Houston Rockets general manager prompted a backlash in China, making things uncomfortable for a league used to its players and representatives speaking out on politics.

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