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    Smoking just a few cigarettes each day can damage your lungs. Doctors behind the research at Columbia University now say lighting up a few of times each day is ‘much riskier than a lot of people think’. They studied the lung function of 25,000 people. Super typhoon approaches Japan, some World Cup rugby canceled. A super typhoon bore down on Japan on Thursday forcing the cancellation of two rugby World Cup matches and some transport, and threatening to disrupt Japan’s Formula One Grand Prix race this weekend. Phone calls are a thing of the past as new research shows many Britons would rather send a text. One in four of us make fewer than five mobile calls a month, and one in 17 – six per cent – make none at all, according to research used by the telecoms industry regulator Ofcom. Moment New York Yankees slugger Luke Voit is hit in the FACE. New York Yankees first baseman Luke Voit was struck on his chin during a pitch on Saturdayin the fourth inning of New York’s 11-5 victory against the Colorado Rockies. Phew, no cowbells! I’m heading to the Alps, at a place called Heritage, on the far side of Rupert Street. Where I’m going to find ‘London’s first modern Swiss-inspired restaurant’. Students hit out at ‘insensitive’ university after being told they MUST watch sexual assault play. Undergraduates at Essex University received e-mails that said attending screenings of the sexual assault and consent play Can’t Touch This were mandatory. Ginger Baker, Superstar Rock Drummer With Cream, Is Dead at 80. Teamed with the guitarist Eric Clapton and the bassist Jack Bruce in the band Cream, Mr. Baker helped redefine the role of the drums in rock.

    Saturn’s ice moon Enceladus is spouting organic compounds which may be the building blocks for life. Experts led from the Free University of Berlin analysed data collected by the Cassini spacecraft on the ice grains that are emitted from Enceladus that have formed one of Saturn’s outermost rings. Is the Ohio State University a good school https://erfolgsgruender.com/189/how-old-is-michael-knowles Who has the most rushing yards ever Newly announced MasterChef judge Melissa Leong SLAMS the show in a series of unearthed tweets. After months of mounting speculation, the new MasterChef judges were announced on Thursday. Kim Kardashian talks Greta, politics, and prison. U.S. reality TV star Kim Kardashian said on Tuesday that she admired Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, whom she called a “brave and amazing young woman,” in an exclusive interview with Reuters. Fed Officials Voice Concern About Slowdowns Effect on Hiring. Minutes of the central banks September meeting show growing worries about the trade war and global growth. Iraq Struggles to Contain Wave of Deadly Protests. Dozens of people have died in the unrest, and the prime minister sought to find a message that would curb widespread demonstrations over corruption and unemployment. Biden Calls for Trump Impeachment for First Time. It was the first time the former vice president expressed support for full impeachment. He had previously backed a congressional inquiry.

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