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    Matt Lucas, 45, pays tribute to his late ex-husband Kevin McGee after his suicide. In 2009, Kevin, 32, who had well-documented issues with substance abuse and suffered with depression, was found dead in his flat after hanging himself. Indonesia’s famed Komodo Island will limit tourism. Indonesia says it will start a membership program that will restrict the number of people allowed to visit Komodo Island in hopes of increasing the island’s Komodo dragon population. The League They Told You Not to Worry About. In this weeks newsletter, Marc Stein has scoops on Kobe and player height, plus a special guest explains why he is so glad the N.B.A. season is starting. Boy, 12, suffers second-degree burns when friend sets him on fire as part of internet challenge. Tabitha Cleary said her son Jason, ofDeerborn Heights, Michigan, described the terrifying moment she saw her injured son after his body burst into flames. Horror as another baby sitter goes on bloody rampage, stabbing to death girl, 5, boy, 8, and their two dogs. The victims, an eight-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, were discovered by Naperville police at the home of Elzbieta M. Plackowska, 40 in Illinois. The chat? Oh dear. The food? Oh yes! The room, while comfortable, tries a touch too hard. But Adam Rawson is the real thing, a chef who mixes fine technique with a well-honed palate and a sharp culinary mind. Intense one-blast radiotherapy brings new hope to pancreatic cancer patients. A group of 11 patients with pancreatic cancer were treated at University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust. So far not one has seen their tumours grow back in the targeted area. Oil prices have doubled in a year. Here’s why. The price of crude oil has more than doubled over the past year after bottoming out at $26 per barrel in February 2016.

    Alls Well That Ends Well Fall Romance Novels. Our columnist Jaime Green looks at new books by Kerrigan Byrne, Jane Ashford, Rachel Spangler and Rebecca Zanetti. Why are people from Liverpool called Scousers http://thejoburg.com/91/who-is-the-top-scorer-in-la-liga-2018-19 What does winning an Emmy mean Trumps Call to China to Investigate Biden Could Complicate Trade Talks. The U.S. and China are trying to reach agreement, but President Trumps request is likely to increase scrutiny of any trade pact. Reuters Newsmaker – BoE’s Gertjan Vlieghe says UK’s economic outlook has ‘deteriorated’. The UK’s economic outlook has deteriorated due to Brexit uncertainty and global economic headwinds, according to Bank of England policy-maker Gertjan Vlieghe. Now’s the time to join the podcast revolution. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from. Here, we’ve curated the best 100 from across a wide range of interests, from gardening to true crime. RoboCop told woman to ‘step out of the way’ when she tried to summon police to break up fight. A woman was taken to the hospital after suffering a cut to the head during an altercation in Huntington Park, just south of downtown Los Angeles. A witness tried to alert cops through HP RoboCop. Archaeologists reveal face of Egyptian princess that lived almost 4,000 years ago. Archaeologists have revealed the face of an Egyptian princess that lived almost 4,000 years ago. They pieced together her shattered wooden sarcophagus after it was found in 2017. People commit 4% less crime on days when high pollen triggers allergies. A 2018 study found that crimes – particularly violent ones – fall as pollen levels rise, due to the ‘malaise’ of allergies. Allergy season was historically bad in New York, in 2019 and crime fell 6.7%. 11 of Our Best Weekend Reads. A.O. Scott on The Joker. A look at four family budgets. Pedro Almodvar. Rachel Maddow. DaBaby. Farewell, Jessye Norman. And more. Michigan grandfather, 79, has become state’s fourth fatality from EEE as death toll surges to 11. Stan Zalner, 49, of Battle Creek, Michigan, has become the state’s fourth resident to die from the rare mosquito-borne disease Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) this year. SpaceX Unveils Silvery Vision to Mars Its Basically an I.C.B.M. That Lands. Elon Musk delivered an update on his companys Starship prototype, which faces business challenges and neighbors not happy to live so close to its test site.

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