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    Pan goli

    I want to have a strong Pan goli that has a high ATK power. So i put everything to max out his ATK. What do you think of this.Pan goli level 200:

    HP- will be around 355.099
    ATK- will be more than 33.000


    1-Blessed weapon: Increases Hero DMG by 2-8%.*

    2-Blessed weapon: Increases Hero DMG by 2-8%.*

    3-Blessed weapon: Increases Hero DMG by 2-8%.*

    Hero aid

    1- Skull mage: Increases ATK of deployed Hero by 2-50%

    2- Sapphirix: Increases deployed Hero’s DMG (Normal and Skill) by 2% and increases HP by 2%. (DMG/HP bonuses doubled in Battle Royale)

    3-Chiron: Increases deployed Hero’s ATK by 3%. Reflects 5% Skill DMG and 3% ATK


    1- Tyrant’s Brand  (max): Heroes equipped with the Tyrant’s Brand deal 30% more DMG in their attacks, and have a 80% chance for their skills to ignore enemy Heroes’ DMG RED and resist effects (except Immortality). ATK and SPD of any Warriors deployed by Hero are increased by 60% and 100% respectively.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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