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    Hello fellow clashers, i’ve been playing this game for over 2 years (ish) back when JokeArtz was first starting and i’ve noticed the progression of epics. back then I saw countless blitzes on high teams because he was one of the few epics. But as time went on, the newer epics were much stronger with better effects and they began to replace the old epics. While I enjoy this growth, it leaves many heroes behind and greatly limits one of the great things in clo2, team diversity. The same thing happened to LoL but Riot gave som of the champioms buffs to even the power spread. I believe pounder (and glory priestess lmao) sre greatly affected by this change. One of the best things about pounder is that hes a tank that can regen hp with bloodcap and stun towers. But a new hero like wolvenfiend gets a divine that stuns, assassinates, and regens 100% of his hp? Pounder cant even regen 100% on pisces the only purpose of his skill (the damage is a joke). Where his active skill was unique it doesnt compare to any other tank. Half of the time it will stun a lvl1 cannon instead of the victory statue (and igg it isnt random at all like the description says) A good buff to this would be to give him ironclads aiming ability. You can choose where he lands. This would not only allow one to stun adc’s or high dmg towers but buff his divine too. You can now tp him out of the battle for a second to allow him to make use of his regen effect. Also a nice buff or debuff on the enemy would help. I mean a large shrek like ogre is pounding on them with a column after landing on their faces. I understand that not all epics are equal but I would love to see some diversity in clo2 and pounder is a good start.

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