Battle royale




  • gold
  • rings
  • mutagen
  • hero shards
  • exp eggs.

Battle Royale is a game mode where guild members fight dungeons in order to win prizes as a group. There are 20 dungeons that needs to be defeated in order to claim the prizes for that dungeon. The dungeons increase in difficulty as a guild progresses. Each player has 2 chances per day to challenge Battle Royale. Additional chances can be purchased for gems.

Each BR dungeon has at least one boss with significantly higher strength (HP and/or ATK) than their standard in game counterpart. Bosses can be defensive buildings or Heroes. Players’ scores are determined by how much DMG they to the boss (or bosses) within a 90 sec time period. Only DMG done to bosses will count towards the score.

In BR hero mercenaries become are extremely important part of the game. Using a battle formation which greatly improves the strength of the mercenaries can vastly improve a player’s score in BR.

Rewards are granted when all bosses in a given BR dungeon reach 0% HP. There are 3 chests rewards. The first chest is available to all members of the guild whether or not they participated in taking down that dungeon. The second chest is only available to members who participated in destroying the dungeon. The number of rewards in this chest varies depending on the player’s DMG rank in that dungeon. The third chest is is only available to the player who brought the last boss to 0% HP, know as the kill shot.

Guilds are ranked globally by how far they progressed in BR. The guild that completes BR first will be ranked highest. Glory Statues are available to the guild members based on their guild rank. See Glory Statues.


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