The Coliseum is a PvP (Player versus Player) variant of Hero Trials, where a set of 9 heroes you decide prior to battle are pitted against another enemy’s heroes in an arena. It is only open during the game hours of 0:00-4:00 and 8:00-14:00 each day. During this period, players can search for other opponents across all platforms and servers, and they will be matched with someone of similar ability. Players can attack as many times as they want during this period, however accumulating many losses with result in a loss of fame (see below).
Each player also has a defensive structure similar to a magic tower that attacks enemy heroes that get too close, slowing down their attack rate.

Slot Buff
1 Increases DMG by 30%
2 Increases HP by 30%
3 Increases ATK Rate and Hit Rate by 30%
4 Increases Dodge by 20%
5 Increases Hero CRIT Rate by 20% and CRIT DMG by 50%
6 Increases Hero HP by 15% and DMG by 15%
7 Increases reflected DMG by 20%
8 Reduces skill DMG received by 35%
9 Increases DMG by 50%


Every player starts with 500 fame points. Winning a battle will reward fame points, and losing will deduct them. Players receive bonus rewards for reaching key fame point milestones:

Fame Goal Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3
600 60000 Souls
700 3 Coral Eggs 10M Gold
800 500 Trial Tokens 1000 Rings 100 Rath Shards
900 1000 Trial Tokens 25M Gold 24x 24 Hour Scrolls
1000 1000 Trial Tokens 5 Coral Eggs 150 Rath Shards
1200 1500 Trial Tokens 100000 Souls 500 Mutagen
1400 1500 Trial Tokens 5 Coral Eggs 250 Rath Shards
1700 2000 Trial Tokens 8 Coral Eggs 300 Rath Shards
2000 2000 Trial Tokens 2000 Rings 50M Gold
2300 2500 Trial Tokens 500 Mutagen 300 Rath Shards
2600 2500 Trial Tokens 100 EXP Stone III 300 Rath Shards
3000 3000 Trial Tokens 50 Hyper Potions 1000 Rath Shards

Goals need to be reached by the next update where they will be reset or updated.


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