Evolution Essence



What is Evolution Essence?

Evolution Essence can be used to upgrade a hero’s evolution path without needing to fulfil the usual evolution requirements. Each evolution level requires a different amount of essence. Evolution essence can currently only be used for the heroes: The Berserker, Ambrosia, Abyss Demon, Chiron, Great Sage, Landslide, Carol d’Belle, Toxic Shaman, Pangoli, Arctic Lord & Renee Ven. Each of these heroes has their own essence stone, which can be used on them only.

How do you get Evolutuion Essence?

During Lords Gone Wild and The Wishing Tree Events you receive points equal to the amount of Jewels you spend during the Even. The points can be used to buy a variety of items, very commonly among those items are stacks of 20 Evolution Essences for 4k or 5k points and occasionally 10 essences for 1k points. The trick is that Jewels spent on trades in Limited Time Trading are considered as spent, even the trade Jewels for Jewels. So you can trade 15k or 16k Jewels for 20k Jewels, and receive 15 or 16k points in whatever spend Events are running at the time.


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