What is Gold?

Gold is one of the main currencies in game, and the only resource that is generated in a building. It is primarily used in the construction and upgrade of buildings. It’s prominent sources are Resources Raids and Gold Mines. Collected Gold is mainly stored in Gold Vaults, 1,000 is kept in the Town Hall.

Gold are mainly spent on the construction and upgrade of buildings. In addition, Gold are also used in:

Paying the cost for a Resources Raid.
Buying items in Mystic Shop and Materials Store.
Creating Spells.
Reset opponents in Arena.
Taking a revenge on failed Lords League defense.
Donate to the Guild Chariot and Guild Bot
How do you get Gold?

Other than Resource Raids and Gold Mines, Gold can also be obtained through:

A successful Solo Campaign attack.
Opening reward chests after a victorious attack in any mode.
Reaching certain ranks in Arena.
El Dorado, Campaign Clash
Guild Clash Rewards
Guild Bot and Guild Chariot Upgrade Chests
Completing Quests.
Shop bought with Jewels.
50k, 500k, 2m, and 5m Gold Chests which are obtained from a number of different sources including: Trials Chests, A Guild United, Coliseum, Eventsx


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