Resource raids




  • green and blue exp items
  • gold. With each successful
  • 3-star resource raid you will also 20 player exp.

In Resource Raids you will be randomly matched up against an opponent’s base for you to defeat. Opponents are either real players or randomly generated AI bases. The matches are loosely based on your TownHall and player level.

You have a 30 sec to either choose to fight the base or go to the next. Going to the next random opponent will cost a certain amount of gold based on your TownHall level. Once you drop one hero or spell the battle begins. Your goal is to completely destroy the opponent’s defensive buildings. A battle star will be rewarded for each of the following accomplishments:

Destroy 50% of the opponent’s buildings
Destroy the opponent’s Town Hall
Destroy 100% of the opponent’s buildings
The more stars you earn the rewards you will get.

Before you enter the Resource Raid battle you have the option to instead use Auto Raid. With this option you will passively gain gold every 10 minutes depending on the strength of the heroes you choose. For every hour the auto raid is active you will earn one 3-star chest reward set. If you end the auto raid before a whole hour is passed that hour will not be counted in the rewards. For exmpale, if the auto raid timer says hour 5:00 of a 10 hour and you choose to end it, you will only be rewarded 4 chests. You must wait until it says 4:59 to be reward 5 chests.


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