Solo Campaign




– gold
– green and blue exp items
– pink exp eggs
– souls
– rings,
– mugs
– jewels

The solo campaign is a list of 110 dungeons that increase in difficulty as you progress. It is the one of 4 places to earn player EXP. The others are player quests, upgrading defenses, and resource raids.

You are given 1 chance every 2 hours to fight in a solo dungeon. You can save up to 5 chances. The dungeons are similar to normal bases you might encounter in Resource Raids. On each dungeon there is a chest level. This chest level represents the difficulty of the dungeon and reaches lv 22 at dungeon 106. The rewards for getting any stars in a dungeon battle include gold, green and blue exp items, pink exp eggs, souls, rings, mugs and jewels.

Getting 3 stars on a particular dungeon for the first time will not use a chance and will also grant an additional reward of player EXP, souls, and mugs. Getting 3 stars on a dungeon you have already cleared will use a chance. Not getting 3 stars on a dungeon you have not cleared will use a chance. Any dungeons you have already cleared will have the option for “Auto-Clear”. Using this option will give you rewards as if you 3-starred it in a standard battle and also will use a chance. It is very useful for saving time especially if you’ve already completed all of the dungeons.


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