Souls are one of the main Resources of the game. They are used to:

  • Upgrade a Heroes’s Mercenaries,
  • Increase the Armor of buildings and for
  • Evolve Epic Heroes Evolution
  • Evolve Epic heroes Enlightenment
  • Bastion research

How do you get Souls?

Souls are obtainable through:

  • Hourly generation from Lords League. The amount generated depends on a player’s current ranking in the league
  • Fight in Lords League. Losing an attack still rewards the player a small amount of souls
  • Weekly based on your rankings by visiting the Lords League, and Continent Rankings pages
  • Weekly in Guild Rank Rewards
  • Lucky Spin
  • Exchange with Mugs at the Dancing Dragons
  • Bought from Mystic Shop with Gold or Jewels
  • Solo Campaign
  • Campaign Clash
  • Arena
  • Guild Quests
  • Quests
  • Events
  • A Guild United


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