Town Hall



Town Hall is the one most important structures in a base. Its level dictates the type of buildings that can be built, number of buildings available and the highest level a building can be upgraded to. The game starts with a Level 1 Town Hall.

In a base attack, the Town Hall is the most important target. Destroying an enemy Town Hall instantly grants the attacking player a star, which is a victory for the attacker. Without destroying the Town Hall, the most that an attacker can ever get is 1 star, no matter how many other buildings were destroyed.

Losing the Town Hall on defense is an automatic loss for the defender. It is therefore advisable to surround the Town Hall with walls and strong defenses.

Other than buildings, a Town Hall’s level also determines various other aspects of the game, including:

Resources Raid cost
Daily Resource Raid target
Amount of Gold from reward chests
EXP Cards from Daily Resource Raid 3-Star
Cost to reset Arena and Hero Trials opponents.


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