Victory Statue

This holds the key to victory. Even those who wield it fear its power! One-by-one, watch your enemies fall under the tremendous damage it deals.


Victory Statue is a strong defensive building that excels at rapidly bringing down invading heroes. It deals double damage to Heroes and prioritizes targeting any Hero who is in range. They attack at a rate of .3 hits per second and can attack both ground and air units within a range of 190 units.

Victory Statues are able to be enhanced by the Fortitude Frostbite Skill of Renee Ven increasing HP and ATK and adding a special attack whereby every 6 seconds the Victory Statue deals extra damage to its target, and debuffs their Attack, Attack Rate, and Speed.

Your first Victory Statue is available to be built at Town Hall level 5 and you can see all other level requirements on the Town Hall page.


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